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Who we are

MUJSS was established in the early 1900’s as a representative body of Jewish students at the University of Melbourne. At the time it was the first Jewish student representative body in the country! Since then it has worked tirelessly to protect the rights of Jewish students on the campus and abroad. In addition, fundamental to the aims of MUJSS is the advocacy of the existence of the State of Israel- an imbedded component in Jewish consciousness. 

Today, MUJSS has over 200 members both Jewish and non-Jewish that play an active role in the club. As a democratically elected and run organization, MUJSS endeavours to fairly represent all of its members. The current committee is determined to actively promote the right of existence of the State of Israel and to increase awareness of Jewish rights on the campus (including the increasing overt anti-Semitic rhetoric on campus). Moreover, the committee aims to advocate a peaceful resolution to the Middle East conflict.

Committee members comprise of individuals with a range of political views; all members are encouraged to voice their opinions regardless of their political views. 


  • To provide active support for the continued survival and well being of the state of Israel through the promotion of Aliyah (migration to Israel), educational tours to Israel, resolute campaigns to explain Israel’s case to students of the university of Melbourne and the wider community, and through steadfast solidarity with the state of Israel. 

  • To provide national and international representation of Melbourne University Jewish students.

  • To represent a complete spectrum of Jewish students opinions. 

  • To further the knowledge and appreciation of Judaism. 

  • To promote the study of Jewish culture generally and the knowledge of the Hebrew language and literature. 

  • To encourage Jewish learning and to make available information pertaining to Jewish education through summer programs, seminars, camps, lectures and publications. 

  • To work for the strengthening of the state of Israel and to increase the ties b/n the Jewish communities in Israel and Aust. 

  • To actively promote the rights to freedom of thought, expression, actions and association of Jews who are oppressed around the world. 

  • To promote the principles and activities of both AUJS and WUJS. 

  • To raise funds and do all such things as the club may think incidental or conducive to its attainment provided that such activities do not interfere with similar activities by MUSU or AUJS. 

  • To adopt the Jerusalem program which states the aims of Zionism 

    i) The unity of the Jewish people and the centrality of the state of Israel in Jewish life

    ii) The ingathering of Jewish people in its historical homeland, the land of Israel, through Aliyah and from all lands

    iii) The strengthening of the state of Israel founded through prophetic ideals of justice and peace.

iv) The preservation of the identity of the Jewish people through the fostering of Jewish and Hebrew education and of Jewish spiritual cultural values

v) The protection of Jewish rights everywhere.

Why join the Melbourne University Jewish Students Society (MUJSS)?

MUJSS is a democratic society on campus open to any student at Melbourne University who wants to become a member.

If you answer yes to 1 or more of these questions, MUJSS may be for you… 

  • Do you stand in principle for the ideals of democracy, peace and equality?

  • Do you believe in freedom of speech and have respect for other’s beliefs?

  • Do you disagree with anti-Semitism and racism in general?

  • Are you interested in the Jewish culture and meeting students of Jewish faith on campus?

  • Are you interested to learn why the State of Israel is so important to the Jewish people?

To join MUJSS or find out more simply contact our Political Officer or alternatively all are welcome to any MUJSS function.  To find out about upcoming functions go to the upcoming events page.