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Upcoming Events:

Upcoming Events

Tuesday 20 September 2005

Trivia Night
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Tuesday 6 September 2005
Responding to Terror Attacks:
A Personal Account
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Past Events

Monday 29 August 2005
Prof. Karmon will be speaking on the topic of-
Israel fighting on all fronts: Terrorism, Antisemitism and Regional Challenges
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Sunday 21 August 2005
Open Day Stand
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Monday 15 August 2005 to Wednesday 17 August 2005
Aujs Ball Tickets Sale
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Wednesday 27 July 2005
Beer & Bagels
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Tuesday 26 July 2005
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Monday 25 July 2005
Welcome Back to Semester 2
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Tuesday 17 May 2005
Annual General Meeting
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Tuesday 10 May 2005
Yom Ha'atzmaut Ceremony
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Thursday 5 May 2005
Yom Hashoah Ceremony
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Monday 2 May to Wednesday 4 May 2005
Holocaust Awareness Week Stall
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Thursday 28 April 2005
Pesach on Campus with Chocolate Fondue and Matzah
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Tuesday 19 April 2005
Free Shmurah Matzah
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Friday 11 March to Sunday 13 March 2005
Aujs Summer Camp
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Thursday 24 February to Friday 25 February 2005
Aujs Membership Drive Melbourne University
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MUJSS Sopranos Trivia Night
When: Sunday 10th of October 2004, 7:30pm
Dress: Like Fat Tony, Corleone, or any other mafia character you've always looked up to...

For all you trivia fans out there, for those that like to pretend you're the godfather,and for those of you that simply liked to have fun.

All AUJS Members were invited, and some sensational prizes were won!

Sukkhot Feast - On Tuesday (5 October 2004) 1:00pm onwards at the South Lawn onwards there was a Sukkot feast including, Beer and Bagels ('back by popular demand'), Lulav and Etrog, and many other fun things and the mitzvah of eating in a Sukkah over the Chag- and best of all it was FREE!

Barry Rubin lecture - On Wednesday (6 Aug 2003) 1:00pm a
brilliant international speaker spoke on the topic 'In Moral Defence of Israel'. Professor Rubin has a CV too long to include here
but here is a taste: 


Professor Barry Rubin is director of the Global Research for International Affairs (GLORIA) Center and a professor at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC). He is editor of the Middle East Review of International Affairs (MERIA) Journal and of Turkish Studies journal.

Professor Rubin's books include: The Tragedy of the Middle East; The Transformation of Palestinian Politics; Revolution Until Victory: The Politics and History of the PLO; Cauldron of Turmoil: America in the Middle East; Istanbul Intrigues; Modern Dictators; Secrets of State: The State Department and the Struggle over U.S. Foreign Policy; Paved with Good Intentions: The American Experience and Iran; The Arab States and the Palestine Conflict; Islamic Fundamentalists in Egyptian Politics; The Great Powers in the Middle East, 1941-1947; Assimilation and Its Discontents; International News and the American Media and How Others Report Us.

He has edited three books on terrorism and From War to Peace, 1973-1993, and co- dited: Anti-American Terrorism and the Middle East; The Israel-Arab Reader; The Armed Forces in the Contemporary Middle East; The Region at the Center of the World: Crises and Quandries in the Contemporary Persian Gulf; America and Its Allies; Turkey in World Politics; Radicals and Reformers: Contemporary Islamist Movements in the Middle East; Political Parties in Turkey; Critical Essays on Israeli, Society, Politics, and Culture; Iraq's Road to War; The Central American Crisis Reader; The Human Rights Reader and Human Rights and U.S. Foreign Policy. 

Dr. Rubin's has written more than 40 book chapters, among them: "U.S. Middle East Policy, 1993," Ami Ayalon, Middle East Contemporary Survey, 1993; "U.S.-Israel Relations and Israel's 1992 Elections," Asher Arian and Michal Shamir, Elections in Israel; "The U.S. and Iraq" and "The PLO and Iraq," Amatzia Baram and Barry Rubin, Iraq's Road to War; "Religion in International Politics," Douglas Johnson and Cynthia Samson, Religion: The Missing Dimension of Statecraft; "The PLO After the Gulf Crisis," Robb Satloff, The Politics of Change in the Middle East; "The Middle East in 1993," Yoshiki Hidaka, Prospects for 1993 [Japanese]; and "U.S. Middle East Policy and the Intifada," Gad Gilbar and Asher Susser, At the Core of the Conflict [Hebrew]. 

His articles have appeared in The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy, The New Republic, the Jerusalem Post, and many other publications. Dr. Rubin has been on "Nightline," "Face the Nation," "The David Brinkley Show," "CBS News," "The MacNeil Lehrer News Hour," "The Larry King Show," CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC. 

He has been a Fulbright and a Council on Foreign Relations Fellow; a U.S. Institute of Peace and Hebrew University Leonard Davis Center grantee. He has taught at Hebrew University, Tel Aviv University, Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies, and Georgetown University.

You Cannot afford to miss one of Barry Rubin’s few appearances in Melbourne – 

MUJSS is proud to have presented,
'In Moral Defence of Israel'
A speech by the honorable Barry Rubin,
Wednesday 6 Aug 2003, lunchtime 1:00pm,
Theatre D, Old Arts.


Also, MUJSS is conducting a dialogue with some Islamic Students on
campus to try to foster harmony between the cultures among other things.
If you are interested in finding out about how the dialogue is
proceeding or even perhaps to join, please contact vice president Jason
Rapke by clicking here

MUJSS is also offering some Shiurim this semester to be conducted by
Rabbi Levi Tannenbaum. If you are interesting in participating in these
please contact our religious officer Moshe Ross by click here.

Recent Events:

Beer and Bagels - On Tuesday (5 Aug 2003) 1:00 pm MUJSS had a Beer and Bagels on South Lawn.

Relentless: The Struggle for Peace in Israel

On Monday night (4 Aug 2003) 6:45 pm at Classic Cinema (Elsternwick) AUJS screened the documentary Relentless, which was an very educational analysis of the Oslo accords.

HonestReporting launched the film, Relentless: The Struggle for Peace in Israel, to reveal a side of the Middle East story that most people are unaware of due to a lack of exposure by traditional media outlets. "Relentless" is a powerful one-hour documentary using primary source video clips to examine the history of the Mideast conflict and how the Peace Process unraveled in a surge of violence.

The film is an honest and open examination of the lengths to which both the Israelis and Palestinians have gone to achieve peace in the region. "Relentless" offers a methodical overview from the Oslo Accords until today of the commitments made by both Israel and the Palestinians, examining how each side lived up to their promises.

"Relentless" uses film from Palestinian TV, religious sermons and political rallies to reveal a behind-the-scenes look at Palestinian politics and culture. Loaded with footage rarely seen by Western audiences, "Relentless" uncovers the hidden agenda that is behind the collapse of the peace process and the continued struggle between two peoples.

Produced by and distributed by Discovery Production, this new film event challenges the tendency in the media, on campus, and among intellectuals to paint Israel as the aggressor in the conflict. It is a shocking documentary about the real story in the Mideast today.

Events are co-sponsored by AIPAC, Federations, ADL, JCC, JNF, AFSI, Hadassah, Aish HaTorah, churches, AJC, ZOA, and the Israeli Consulate. There were over 120 large event screenings and over 18,000 attendess to date. It is a must see for anyone concerned about peace in the Middle East, and the threat of a broader conflict that could engulf the West.

"Relentless" is recommended for ages 18 and over, due to graphic footage.

Original Source: 

MUJSS Poster and Web Site Launch

In 2003 Melbourne University Jewish Students' Society decided to make its own posters and web site. The official launch of both of these was held at Beth Weizman (306 Hawthorn Rd) at 7:30 pm on Sunday night (3 Aug 2003). This launch featured 2 brilliant speakers on Israel Advocacy on campus Ginsburg and Doron. It is important to come and support MUJSS in its goal of promoting Israel on campus.

To see the NEW MUJSS Posters Click here!

Photos and more information regarding the night will be online very soon!


Winter Conference ESCAPE 2003 was a resounding success with over 220 participants heading out to Phillip Island for 4 nights of partying, 4 days of talking, joking, dancing, playing and learning, and lots of activities including yoga, a massive flying fox, an interstate soccer comp (WA and VIC drew nil all) and much much more.

The week was topped off by a "Mystery Night" back in Melbourne city at De Biers club and bar, sleeping over at the Hotel BaKpaK and partying late into the night at RooBar. All in all it was an incredible ESCAPE from the stresses of uni. Click on the penguin to see photos, we hope you had a fantastic time. Video should be available soon so come back to see more photos and video soon.

To see pictures from Winer Conference 2003 just click here.

Past Events:

The AUJS Cocktail / Poster Launch Night

Come and enjoy cocktails and mingle with friends. See the posters for the AUJS National Political Campaign before they appear on your campus.

Guest Speaker: Dr Dvir Abramovich, Lecturer in Hebrew and Jewish studies at Melbourne University, Centre for Jewish History and Culture.

When: Thursday May 15, 2003: 7:30 pm
Where: 25 Linlithgow Rd, Toorak

For more information ring the AUJS office on 9272-5622

Click here for examples of the posters

Yom Hazicaron - 6th of April (tuesday) 2003
Click here for the Yom Hazikaron tribute

This week there were two AUJS functions to celebrate Israel's Independence Day.

(1) Tuesday Night from 10pm till late at AREA 61 (61c Fitzroy Street, St Kilda). 
$5 entry including 1 free drink.

(2) Wednesday lunchtime (1pm) on Concrete Lawns (East side of Union Building) there will be a Yom Ha'Zikaron Commemoration/ Yom Ha'Atzmaut Celebration. 
There will be music, bagels, felafel, drinks, and more. Be sure to drop by.

Hope to see you all there!

Israel's Remembrance Day

Every country has a remembrance day when we honour those who gave their lives to fight for the creation and independence of the country. Israel, whose creation and survival has depended so critically on those who have fought for her right to exist, commemorates a day, called "Yom HaZicaron" (literally "day of remembrance"). 

The day was originally designated to commemorate those who were lost while serving in Israel's armed force, the IDF. The day is now accepted as the official recognition of those who lost their lives under any form of attack, including acts of terror. 

The day following Yom HaZikaron is Yom Ha'Atzmaut - Israel's Independence Day - a day of celebration and rejoicing in Israel's existence. These two days - of remembrance and celebration are inseparable, and we carry the emotions of both throughout these two days. 

As we are thankful for our 50 years of independence, we carry with us the memory of those who helped make it possible and those who fell making this dream a reality.

Yom HaAtzmaut - 7th of April 2003 (wednesday)

Israel's Independence Day

Israel turns 55

Those of us born after 1948 often view the State of Israel as a fact of life, a nation among nations. True, there have been ongoing threats in the form of war and terrorism; yet Israel is as much a reality as any other nation in the world.

Try to stop and think what the world was like for Jews before the State of Israel came into existence. For Jews all over, the world was a bleak place because we lacked a homeland. Had it existed, the lives of millions of Jews may have been very different; since it has existed Israel has surely enhanced the lives of millions of others.

At the end of World War II European Jewry had been desolated by the horrors of the Holocaust. For the first time in history, worldwide sympathy turned toward establishing a Jewish homeland in Palestine. The struggle by Zionists like Herzl and Ben Gurion had ensued for decades prior, and it seemed the time was at hand.

In 1939 Britain reversed its position on Palestine, using the White Papers to heavily limit immigration to Palestine. This was the cause of untold deaths by Jews who were refused entrance to many countries as they fled the horrors of the Nazis. Zionists intensified their efforts at the end of the war to force Britain to open Palestine to Jews who had survived Hitler and the death camps, as they were now homeless. The ship Exodus 1947, which was turned away at the shores of Palestine and sent back to France and Germany garnered worldwide attention to the issue.

Britain eventually to the Palestine question to the UN's General Assembly, and they recommended partitioning the country into independent Arab and Jewish states. This plan was accepted on November 29, 1947. Five months later, on Friday, May 14, 1948, at the Tel Aviv Museum, David Ben-Gurion read the Proclamation of Independence that created the State of Israel. Within hours President Harry S. Truman recognized the new state on behalf of the US, the first country to do so.

Original Source: University of Vermont Hillel

Holocaust Awareness Week 2003

For those who don't know, this week is Holocaust Awareness Week on campus. 

(1) There will be a stall either on South Lawn (if
sunny) or North Court (if raining) on Tuesday and
Thursday with some educational hand-outs for those who
are interested.

(2) There is a presentation from Gedalia Afterman from the Centre for
Jewish History and Culture on the topic "A Jewish State or a State for
the Jews. From the 'negation of the Diaspora to Messianic Zionism'".
Room 325/326 Alice Hoy Building Level 3. Wednesday 1:00pm. (image below)

(3) On Wednesday from 3-5pm there was a tour of the
Holocaust Museum (15 Selwyn St, Elsternwick).

(4) There is a ceremony to commemmorate the Holocaust
on Thursday lunch time (1:00pm) in the GUILD THEATRE
(In Union Building). The event will include candle
lighting, some speeches, a moving powerpoint
presentation, and more. To ensure a seat, try to
arrive early as last year the event was packed out.

(5) On Thursday evening at 8pm there is a play at the
PLAYBACK THEATRE (14 Acland St, St. Kilda), which is
likely to be very unique and interesting.

For more information read below.

Holocaust Awareness Week - 29th of April 2003

The 2003 years theme: 'Never Again'

Every year the Australasian Union of Jewish Students (AUJS) commemorates and remembers the victims of the Holocaust.

Six million Jews were systematically slaughtered by the Nazi regime that had consumed Europe. Almost one in every three Jews was wiped off the face of the earth. To every person there was a family, a life, a future.

AUJS has decided to include Holocaust Awareness Week in its calendar of activities for many reasons. For the Jewish students on campus it offers an opportunity to remember and to reflect. It offers a moment in time when Jewish students can commemorate the loss of their families and their people. For non-Jewish students it raises awareness and consciousness of an attempted genocide that occurred not so long ago. For all students Holocaust Awareness Week provides a moment out of the regular University schedule to focus on some of the broader issues of history and its ramifications to the present and the future.

Holocaust Commemoration Day is a day or remembrance. It is a memorial to the victims of the Shoah. It is a day dedicated to the honor of those who perished at the hands of the Nazis.

Beyond the commemorative aspects of the day itself, there are also several messages and lessons that one can learn from the Shoah.

Even in the darkest depths of humanity there were those that were able to rise above the average conventions of the world they lived in. Righteous Gentiles who risked their lives to save Jewish people are glimmer of hope that not all of humanity partook in one of the world”s most horrific acts of genocide.

Although blame can be placed on the shoulders of the perpetrators it is also the millions of bystanders who idly stood by and witnessed the Holocaust as it unfolded. Not just the Europeans who watched as the Jewish communities disappeared before their very eyes. But also the rest of the world who claimed ignorance when humanity needed them most.

If AUJS is to give one clear message during Holocaust Awareness Week it should be based on this. As Jews we have suffered a catastrophe like no other. And it as Jews that we bring the message to the rest of the world that we will not sit idly by and watch other genocides or devastations befall Jewish people or any other people of the world.

May Holocaust Awareness Week commemorate the lives of six million Jewish martyrs. May this week educate Jews and non Jews alike about the events of the Shoah. And may Holocaust Awareness Week be a reminder to us all of the obligations and responsibilities that lie upon every one us.

For, 'those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.' - George Santayana

Address at Rookwood Cemetery - by Ruth Leiser (article)

The Star of David - by Mark Verstandig, April 1998 (article)

We have never been better off! (article)

An extract from Ben Pask’s diary from his trip to Poland (article)

"Never Again..." MUJSS Holocaust Commemoration Service (article)

Original Source: AUJS

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Recent Events:

- Trivia Night
- Sukkot Feast
- Beer and Bagels
- Barry Rubin Lecture
Screening of Relentless
MUJSS Poster Launch
- AUJS Winter Conference
- AUJS Soccer League

Past Events:

- The AUJS Cocktail Night
- Israel's Remembrance Day
- Israel's Independence Day
- Shoah Awareness Week