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Australian premiere of pro-Israel documentary
By Melissa Singer (Australian Jewish News)

A PRO-ISRAEL documentary will make its worldwide premiere in Melbourne next week.

Relentless: The search for peace chronicles the Palestinian Authority's violations of the 1993 Oslo Accords while demonstrating Israel's compliance over the same period.

Using rarely-seen footage from Palestinian television, religious sermons and political rallies, Relentless counters the general media's tendency to depict Israel as the aggressor in the Mid-East conflict and details how the Palestinians abandoned the peace process in favour of the intifada.

The film's directors, Wayne Kopping and Brian Spector, are scheduled to travel to Australia for the event. Kopping, who lives in South Africa, will speak at the Melbourne premiere.

He told the AJN the film's objective is to create support for Israel through hasbara (public relations).

"The media gives so much weight to the Palestinian position," he said. "Relentless aims to counter this pre-existing bias against Israel."

The 60-minute documentary was produced by, a US-based media watchdog, founded soon after the intifada erupted in 2000, which targets anti-Israel bias.

Kopping said they attempted to secure interviews with Palestinian civilians and politicians who support peace, but they "feared for their lives and declined".

Past News:

Anti-Semitic Graffiti:
The following graffiti, denouncing the Israeli Defence Force as 'child murderers' was found on the door to Alex Lew's office in the Student Union building. "It is not only illegal, but should also be highly offensive to anyone who values Israel's democracy and freedom, as the IDF is there to ensure that Israel continues to exist. The IDF has proven on 6 occasions that Israel has a defense force out of necessity, and that no coalition of Arab forces will take away our freedom. These disgusting attacks are usually the product of absurd ignorance, and we invite anyone who has such a thought to confront us instead of announcing their thoughts in such a cowardly manner.- MUJSS Political Officer

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On Wednesday, 30th of April, at 1.30 pm, students from the Australasian Union of Jewish Students (AUJS) painted over graffiti on the wooden partitions surrounding the construction at the Art Gallery on St Kilda Road. For more information click here... [Posted: 01.05.03]




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