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President Jeremy Lanzer Vice President - Ben Pask 

Itís important for Jewish youth to keep the connection to our traditions after leaving the sheltered atmosphere of secondary school. As a graduate of a Jewish day school, I never found it difficult to get involved in Jewish activities, but uni is a different ballgame. Weíre no longer surrounded by Jews and it takes commitment to stay in touch with our heritage, our ancestry and our traditions. This is the role of MUJSS! We aim to ensure that all Jewish students on campus have somewhere to turn. Iím also a passionate supporter of Israel and believe in fighting Anti-Semitism wherever it exists. We at MUJSS also strive to be the best advocates for Israel possible, and send out a positive message about Israel and Judaism to students on campus.

After being Vice-President in 2003, I was lucky enough to travel to Israel in December 2003 - January 2004 on AUJS Academy and had the time of my life. When I came back home, I wanted to be MUJSS President so that I could give something back to the community and ensure that all Jewish uni students have the opportunity to get involved in Jewish life and keep a connection to Judaism and Israel.

So get involved Ė MUJSS is great fun!!!

I feel that I owe a lot to AUJS after being given the opportunity to go to Israel on its Achshav program in 2002/3. That was the original reason that influenced me to join MUJSS. Since become a member of the executive in 2003 I have ascended within both MUJSS and AUJS to the roles of MUJSS Vice President and AUJS Victoria Ball Coordinator in 2004, and I plan to stay heavily involved in the coming years.

I believe itís essential for all Jewish students to become members of MUJSS because we are the Jewish representative body on campus, and MUJSS is particularly important in these tough times with anti-Semitism on the increase. I believe that we should be battling this anti-Semitism head-on with what MUJSS does best: celebrating Jewish holidays and supporting the existence of Israel and peace in the Middle East on campus, and we will continue to do these things.

MUJSS has a very bright future and I look forward very much to being apart of it!

Treasurer - Jade Birman Secretary - Alana Kushnir

I chose to get involved to defend Israel, to organize and initiate fun social activities and of course to keep the Jewish link already well established at Scopus.


Education Officer - Robert Piro General Executive Member - Emma Weisz

Hey hey my people!!! Iím surprised youíre actually reading this but if you still are I guess I should tell you what MUJSS means to me. Schoolís out, lifeís begun and its time for us all to realize that the thingís that are important to us are worth fighting for. Iím here to stand up, strengthen my identity and proudly declare Am Yisrael Hai!!!Öthat and the free beer.

When I returned from the trip of a lifetime to Israel on Aujs academy I wanted to find a way to sustain my involvement with Aujs and support the wonderful country I had just visited, so I joined Mujss. Being part of Mujss is a great way to meet and have fun with Jewish students, celebrate festivals and keep connected to the Jewish community. Other reasons why I joined were to help fight the anti-Semitism which is present on campus, and to promote to all students the many wonderful aspects of Israel and Israeli life that you donít see in the news.

While attending a Jewish school it was easy for me to be involved in the community and to be informed about issues relevant to Jewish youth, but at uni, where itís so big and thereís so much going on, if you donít make an effort you can lose touch. Mujss is the best way to combine Jewish life and uni life, it has a great atmosphere and Iíve made some great friends. Thatís why I plan to stay involved in Mujss and make it even better in years to come.

PoliticalOfficer - Bella Shadur Religious Officer - Irena Zaitseva
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General Executive Member - Moshe Ross
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Social Officer - Vacant Publicity Officer - Vacant
(If you would like to volunteer for this position contact the President) (If you would like to volunteer for this position contact the President)
Victorian Political Officer - Alon Cassuto AUJS National Political Officer - Nadav Shlezinger

Melbourne Uni has the greatest bunch of Jewish kids around, fortunately/unfortunately we also have the greatest number of political opposers, we must fight for our sake and for that of Israelís.

As Trotsky once said: ďLearning carries within itself certain dangers, because out of necessity one has to learn from one's enemies.Ē. Make the most of the politically stimulating environment which we have here at Melbourne Uni, you wonít regret it!


Immediate Past President - David Shafer Immediate Past Treasurer - Daniel Taft

"What do Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, the Marx brothers (Groucho AND Karl) and Steven Spielberg have in common? They all missed out on being a part of MUJSS! But imagine if they had joined... Anyway, you don't have to miss out on all the fun - join up and join in."